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Friday, 10 August 2012

Battle Raps For Nerds: Transformers

Your face reminds me of what Prime did to Megatron
Even when he got put back together he still looked wrong
Even Unicron couldn't fix the manged mess
Looking like a sex toy and whining like Rudolf Hess

I'm gonna merge and combine like the Constructicons
I'll Devastate you, bitch, getting Bruticus because it's on
Will Onslaught you in Brawls and then Swindle you into shellshock
Blast-off into a Vortex, Quintesson, I am GRIMLOCK

Mighty like Brawn and twice as brave as Bumblebee
You can call me Mirage because this bitch can't even see me
Demonstrate my Superion aerial tactics sky high
I'll leave you like Silverbolt, so shook up that you can't fly

Isolate your weakness and then savage it like Computron
Like Seekers I'll intercept your shipments and steal your Energon
Ignore your Soundwave monotone and just to make you feel vexed
I'll let you think you have a chance before I call on Metroplex.

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