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Wednesday 10 October 2012

A Stream Of Thoughts

  • I wish I had the power to reach through my television and grab things. There's so many things I'd grab - like the throats of half of the House of Commons.
  • October/November always feels weird. They're those kind of inbetween months wherein the advertising for Christmas is creeping out, but hasn't gone full meltdown yet. Because, well, stuff happens in between. But Christmas is like a heavy machine - it takes a long time to build up momentum, so it has to start early.
  • If there was some kind of 24/7 delivery service for falafel I'd be a happy man.
  • It used to be that advertising a movie in 3D made people want to watch it more; now whenever I see a segment of a movie trailer proudly proclaiming it will be in 3D it actually kind of disappoints me.
  • I think I know why people don't think much about the world. It gets frustrating because nobody else does. Ironically, if we all just devoted a little more thought to our lives and the things affecting them, it'd make it easier for everyone, not just us.
  • George Harrison was the most talented Beatle.
  • Banks don't lend money. They buy debt. It's an investment like any other. Most investments just don't end up costing you everything you hold dear if they go wrong.
  • Everyone remembers awful covers. Good covers get remembered - but some covers are so ubiquitous that we forget they're ven covers. Like the Black Crowes cover of Hard To Handle, Jimi Hendrix covering All Along The Watchtower, and Toploader covering Dancing In The Moonlight.
  • At least one of those last revelations just blew your mind.
  • I'll post something a little less scattershot soon. I promise.


  1. Well, Jimi made Watchtower worth listening to. And what about reaching through your computer screen?

  2. Unfortunately that's a target-rich environment. Look at any YouTube video's comment thread and you'll see what I mean.