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Saturday 29 December 2012

Wheaton's Law

Some pointless rambling, if you will.

What if people obeyed Wheaton's Law - which is, put simply, Don't Be A Dick?

What if every codice of laws included it as the first entry and it was just as binding a piece of law as anything else?

If people genuinely looked at their actions, each action they took, and thought - am I being a dick when I do this? To an individual, a group, the human race in general? How different would things be?

If we accept that we shouldn't disadvantage others just to advance ourselves, especially when we already have such an advantage over those being disadvantaged - would the world be a better place?

Are we even capable of being the people we'd have to be, for it to work?

The vast majority of humanity aren't dicks the vast majority of the time. It bears mention. It's just those few times and those few people. Because it seems that the dickery happens when we need it least.

I suppose the only way we can get around it is to punish dickery when it occurs, reward non-dickery, and hope that the lessons are learned.

But do me a favour? Just as an experiment? Tomorrow - go out of your way to not be a dick. Assess what you do before you do it, see if it is being a dick to anyone - either directly or indirectly.

Let's just see if it won't make our world a little bit better.

We're sorely in need of it.