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Sunday, 16 June 2013

After A Moment's Peace

Well now. It has been a while.

A fair amount has happened, and I just haven't really had it in me to update in that time. My employment situation is currently up in the air in the biggest way, but I'm trying to not let that freak me out as much as it potentially should be. I moved house - had to, after the landlords of the old flat decided they were tired of managing it. Now I've moved in with several interesting individuals, my Nakama - Team Gurren - and we've dubbed the place The Clubhouse.

My health still isn't great. But then I wonder if it ever will be. I can't help but worry. Now I'm in a damp-free insulated house, things should improve over time. One can but hope. My mental health - we'll see. It's still a daily battle.

Creativity? Aside from scrobbles to do with the various RPs I an involved in, I'm dry. A couple of grand ideas and no will or capacity to execute them. The internal writer's strike continues I suppose.

I suppose despite it having been two weeks ago I'm still reeling from the house move. It's a big change and I'm the kind of guy that takes a while to adapt to such things. I'll get it eventually.

Sometimes you have to sweat the small stuff, because the big stuff could kill you.

I'll blog more. I promise.

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