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Saturday 19 April 2014

Sunny Hours

Summer's coming, and so I feel like I'm coming alive all over again.

It happens every summer. Even if I don't do anything over the summer, no festivals, no big gigs, none of that - it's still a time of year that appeals to me the most. The sunshine, the warmth, it being light on the way into and out of work. The fact that things actually start happening - not only your standard events but the kind of stuff that enthuses entire communities.

This summer, I'll be working, which is fine. It will make that free time all the sweeter, and being able to pay my way. I don't have any big plans - I don't need them. Sure, I'd like to get some things done here and there, but you know what? The odd barbecue, random ice creams in the baking heat and sitting outside with a beer while it's still light at 8 in the evening...that sounds great.

I've got a writing gig or two; I've got good friends; I've got a roof over my head and all the music I could ask for.

Yeah, I think a little optimism is called for.

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