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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Make It All Fit

Recently at work I had a brief discussion with one of my colleagues about why guys like cars.

I think I have an answer to that.

It's the same reason why I like maths. Why I like complicated character generation systems in RPGs, or games of pure strategy; it all just fits together. There's precious little room for things to dangle in the air, uncertain and ineffable. If you can grasp the system with which you are working, it will all make sense, one way or another.

As we all know, people aren't like that. Life isn't like that.

It's so refreshing, so liberating, to have moments in time wherein the world can very much be binary - black and white, right and wrong. Spend all day trying to judge shades of grey and half measures of all kinds, and you'll welcome the opportunity to just...not, for a while.

Whatever it is that one ends up doing - playing solitaire, assembling model kits, being a submissive in a sub/dom relationship, whatever - the chance to just make things fit for a while, without needing to question them, is a valuable experience.

Some of the current events going on in the world are enough to drive one to drink. Tory members of the Coalition government shanking my country into the ground, psychotic gunmen killing innocents for little good reason, corporate manipulations and media madness - trying to rationalise it all is heavy work. A real source of mental fatigue.

When half of the world seems to be going crazy - who wouldn't want to be able to fall back on something that just makes sense?

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