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Thursday 6 August 2015

Just Passing Through

I'm on my way to Nine Worlds for the first time. I'm on a coach, and I am doing just fine.

I have found that laziness and efficiency are comfortable bedfellows. When arranging the travel, as my fellow adventurers kindly allowed me, I wanted as few transfers as possible and reasonable lead times between stops. It's all about minimising stress.

Yes, I'd rather wait for 40 minutes for a train than run for an earlier departure. Pain does that. Perhaps being portly doesn't help either.

I am perhaps a bit of a stickler for a plan, though. Bus at this time, boat at this time, train at this time. I'm probably hard to travel with because I get a bit inflexible.

That's another boon for anxiety: it can channel into planning. Google Maps is a godsend. You don't just have directions, you know what the terminals all look like. You know what happens if you miss any of your connections. You have to, or you worry yourself sick over it.

So yes, I do think this is the best way, because in my head I've done this trip four times already.

Anyway...enough of that...

Bring on the Con.

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