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Sunday 21 February 2016

What's John Listening To?

Every now and then I'll do a thing where I tell you the kind of stuff that is popping up on my playlist. Often when penning anything else is a bit of a stretch.

Soooo herein is a list of the songs that are guaranteed non-skip on Spotify at this moment.

Funeral For A Friend - All Hands On Deck (pt1 & 2)
I love this - especially the second half. The progression is beautiful. I just plug this in and lose hours. Wonderful. The album this is from (Tales Don't Tell Themselves) is a concept album and I'm usually a fan of those.

JonTron - Firework
So the original is okay, if a bit saccharine. But bloody hell. JonTron just SLAYS this. Bellows it at full volume! What a bro. I love this, if only for the spirit behind it, the sheer guts required, the... determination.

Styles Of Beyond - Nine Thou (Superstars Remix)
This is a stomper. It gets played a lot during gaming sessions that involve things, well, being stomped, or otherwise trashed or demolished. Really gets the blood pumping.

Hundred Reasons - I'll Find You
Just listen to it. It absolutely rocks. The vocals just sink into your skull. The guitar gets into your soul and makes you feel alive. Pulls on bits of you that have lain dormant for so very, very long. It's my favourite Hundred Reasons song.

Salt-N-Pepa - Shoop
Go and see Deadpool. Right now.

Mutemath - Typical
This was recommended to me by a good friend of mine, and it has rapidly come to be my favourite song by the band. It just sits very well with me as a package. It's a tidy song, great in concept, and makes me sway.

Rat Boy - Move
This is another one that I got introduced to by someone else. Almost accidentally. They left their youtube list playing in my living room. Catchy as balls. I'm sure you will agree.

So what are YOU guys listening to right now?

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