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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Will Of The People

I have come to hate the phrase, Will Of The People.

It only seems to apply when a political decision that is going to make things worse for us has the support of a vocal minority. It rarely gets rolled out when things are done that the people would actually want to happen. "Parliament Must Obey Will Of The People And Rough Up More Brown Folk", the headline will read, not "Parliament Obeys Will Of The People And Issues Free Solar Panels And Awesome Stuff To Literally Everyone".

It is another example of needing to pay attention to what politicians - and those in the public eye in general - do, rather than what they say.

Theresa May is desperate to finish off the job of total privatisation. She and hers want this country slashed to pieces and divvied up between the private investors they are mates with and married to (and sometimes actually are, let us not forget that some of these Tory bastards actually still have business interests). The thing is that privatisation is great for two groups of people only - shareholders and predatory businessfolk.

We will be told it is the Will Of The People.

It's not going to work out well for us. It didn't the last few times this happened.

Cast your minds back to the Thatcher era. Those miners were a bit upset, weren't they?

Well, that was because their livelihood was being sold down the river. Thatcher decided that, rather than subsidise the British coal industry, we would be able to import it cheaply from Germany. So, that put an end to that. Pole-axed an entire industry. Say what you want about coal as a source of energy - that literally killed off a big cornerstone of British industry.

(Out of interest, the reason why we could get it cheaper from Germany is because the German government subsidised their coal industry.)

More recently there has been the failing of British steel and Royal Mail. In the mist of time we have lost British Telecom, British Gas, and dozens of other nationalised services.

Next will be our NHS. It's been on the cards for a long time. It WILL happen.

Meanwhile, there was enough public money kicking around to bail out half a dozen banks, to refit and replace nuclear weapons that we don't need, and to underwrite the arms industry.

Is any of that due to the Will Of The People?

I fucking hate that phrase.

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