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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I've Never Noticed That Before...

At times, life seems a bit rubbish.

Everyone feels it sometimes - they're sat on the train, or in the office, or walking home the same way they walk home every night...and all of a sudden, you wonder - how did my life become this?

Same thing every day - same routine, same faces, same people. It gets draining, but the way it drains us is it takes our creativity, our mental accuity, our way of noticing that it's all the same...until we have this little moment of serenity.

But it's these moments of serenity we should live for.

We just take them for granted - or don't even notice when they happen; but they do happen, I promise you. Moments that may seem totally ephemeral, but they are very real.

Your day has been long and hard; the work has been unforgiving, thankless, and ultimately feels a touch pointless...

...but then the doors of the train open just briefly,to letone of your fellow travellers exit - and the soft breeze cools your brow. Just for those few seconds, life isn't a merciless scramble up a greased slope. Just for that moment, there is serenity.

That moment when you walk past a shop and catch a few bars of one of your favourite songs on their radio; or when a child smiles and waves at you just because they're in a good mood; or when you find that tiny piece of street art that nobody else has noticed.

Just sometimes - it's enough to change a shitty "any-other" day, into something a lot more worthy of mention.

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