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Saturday 14 July 2012

Sun Past The Yardarm

Today I am thirty years old.

I always thought I was meant to be in a specific place, when I reached this age; I wasn't quite sure where that place was, but I was sure it had something to do with houses, mortgages, and other things that show I am Growing Up and Moving On With My Life.

I'm not there, needless to say. That makes me wonder - am I screwing up, or is it okay to not be in the mythical Thirty Zone? Contrary to popular belief, is it oay to still have fun? Can I still listen to whatever I want, play with action figures, spit watermelon seeds at the back of my friend's heads?

At times I wish life came with an instruction manual,complete with timetable - but then life is different for everyone, and we all have to live our own. Maybe given that, I don't necessarily need to worry about the "road map", the cultural stereotype of a man my age - wife, kids, house, job I hate.

Maybe it IS okay to just be where I am.

Besides, I could do with another tattoo.

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