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Friday, 20 December 2013

How We Roll - The Birth Of Something Cool

So myself and the folks I live with, with the assistance of various of our friends and associates, will soon be putting together a youtube channel.

This channel will primarily involve RPG-related gumf. Things like thoughts on character, on setting, in-game stuff as well as out-of-game. It may well involve comedy, too - as we keep skitting out bits under the purview of The DM Society, a bunch of high-society blaggards that swig brandy and scoff at the "lower classes" (players) who they run games for.

While various people have ideas in place for what they want to do, I'm still in the air.

One thing I DO want to do is related to the classes commonly found in D&D / Pathfinder - and an exploration of each one. Oodles of examples of why not every Barbarian has to be Fafhrd, and not every Rogue has to be the Gray (sic) Mouser. This would probably include an exploration of characters from movies, TV, comics and anime that could, perhaps, be played as an example of each class.

I'm thinking aloud right now, I'm aware, but I'd quite like input - and also advice re: the channel. We're going to need music for the titles and credits, graphics, that kind of thing.

Feel free to bug me via the comments section, or my facebook or twitter.

That said - how YOU doin?

Edit: How We Roll now has its very OWN Twitter feed, right here.

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