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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Year And All That

I'm not such a cynic that I'm above reflecting on the past year. It occurs to me that depending on how one takes it, a year can either be a catastrophe or a miracle.

I was almost made homeless, lost the only job I ever loved, and had it confirmed that I will probably never breathe normally ever again - assuming my heart holds out.

On the other hand...

I moved into a house with four great friends, celebrated my 3-year anniversary with my girlfriend, and got the ball rolling on a potentially awesome youtube project.

So will 2014 be better?

Probably. There may be an improvement in my health, I may find a job, this How We Roll thing may come good - all manner of awesome things may happen.

So I maintain an air of quiet optimism.

Happy New Year, world.

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