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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Hey John, What You Listening To?

So after the first week of 2014, I decided to bang up some of the music I've been listening to recently. Because hell, I can, and I think if you don't know these songs, then you should!

In no particular order:

Shinedown - Amaryllis (Amaryllis, 2012). Beautiful and soaring, the orchestration of this song makes me as happy as the vocals, which are superlative. Brent Smith's voice just...does things to me, and the message of the song is quite beautiful.

Savant - Splinter (Vario, 2012). It's bouncy as hell, seriously! Just give it a test drive and you'll find yourself all a-wiggle. Plus some sample treats in there for old-school gamers. Have a bit of a dance if you feel the urge.

Tool - Lateralus (Lateralus, 2001). I put this track on and let it take my mind elsewhere. If you don't like Tool then you won't like this - but hey, give it a try. The beautiful irregular drum line and hypnotic lyrics do it for me, at least.

Black Stone Cherry - When The Weight Comes Down (Black Stone Cherry, 2006). A stomping rock track that roars, howls and croons in equal measure. The chorus sends shivers up my spine. Where do you want to be, when all hell breaks loose?

Blue October - It's Just Me (Foiled, 2006). A hidden track, after 18th Floor Balcony, which in itself is a gorgeous song. It so eloquently describes depression and recovery that I think it should be compulsory. Poetry.

Counting Crows - Sullivan Street (August And Everything After, 1993). A song from a band renowned for superb storytelling in their songs - this is no exception. (Note: if you want an explanation as to what the song is about, check out the Live At Town Hall CD. Hearing Adam talk about it is as heartbreaking as the song itself.)

That's MY current list. What YOU listening to?

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