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Sunday 4 September 2016

7 of 7 - You The Viewers Decide

(We made it! A week of daily blogging! Don't get used to it. ;) )

So when I first announced this week of blogs, there were a lot of good suggestions for topics. All of which I have, thus far, not done much with. To make up for that, my lovely people - today I am going to address each of them in turn!

Order is in how they appeared on my Facebook...

"Best cake" - Hmm. This is a hard one, not being a big cake eater. But I'd have to go with either coffee cake, carrot cake, or lemon drizzle.

"Boobies :D" - At risk of sounding like a huge sexist: yes, I do like boobies.

"Attractive and unattractive things in a human being" - Ooooh. Deep. Okay. Avoiding the obvious (yes boobies) I am drawn to people's minds, senses of humour, general vibe, things they like and dislike, attitude, how they treat others. Looks don't tend to rank high up the list. Like I can find them appealing but it doesn't often turn into actual attraction. Any more than I am attracted to a well-painted miniature. Unattractiveness? Wilful ignorance, toxicity, arrogance. Being fucking evil is a huge turn-off too...

"Silly little things that annoy people in day to day life xx" - There's rafts and rafts of these, different things for everyone I am sure. I tend to get irked by: people not knowing the walk-left-stand-right rule for escalators and anything else, people stopping dead in the street without checking to see if there's anyone behind them, unwanted physical contact, people cutting in line in front of me, people being privilidged assholes - the list goes on and on.

"Underrated places to travel to. X" - Most cities honestly. Almost all of them have something good to be found, somewhere. Unless it is like Slough. Or Hull. That's about it. Even then, good things come out of them. Also, tiny little villages with one hotel and one pub. Great to visit. Shit to live. I think one of the places I enjoyed staying in the most (that I didn't expect to) was Lake Elsinore in SoCal.

"Maybe the evolution of the world's maturity on and off the internet?" - ...maturity is difficult because there's a lot of ways to measure it. And some things that people think are mature aren't very good measures at all. Like I used to think that being mature meant finding nothing funny. A lot of people think that maturity is about shouldering responsibility, which is fine. In the end how mature someone is, I think, is how they cope with day-to-day shit without losing who they are. Aaaand the internet is difficult for that, because - in a place where you can do whatever you like and be pretty anonymous about it - you can become better at "adulting" in one tab and watch old Tom & Jerry cartoons in the other. It's hard to measure. I do think that you find a lot of people's true attitudes to life on the Internet rather than in person though. They can hide behind miles of cabling and different usernames.

"Stereotypes" - See these are problematic but also useful. Like if you are incapable of seeing the person behind the stereotype then you are going to have a really bad time in life, you will spend literally all your time misjudging people, and you'll end up being an asshole. In a strictly literary sense though - in terms of movies and books and such - a stereotype is useful for when you need a small gap briefly filled. You can't give the delivery man a four-episode backstory if you only have twelve episodes for the entire run. I think the way to balance it is to assume you will never know someones entire story, unless you take time. Just respect them. If you learn more about them, respect that, too. Don't assume anything outside of the fact that they deserve your respect.

"The best cereal" - Count Chocula. NEXT

"Possible colonisation of Luna..." - Difficult. I mean the biggest problem as I see it is getting all the materiel there without wrecking it and without it breaking the bank. I daresay a railgun for deploying stuff to orbit is the way forward. Just toss it up into orbit with Laplace force, and cut out the majority of the fuel burn for achieving orbit. If the stuff isn't coming back, all you'd need is fuel to burn to make the gravity-assisted moonshot and to land properly. That cuts down on the weight-fuel ration something silly, so you could afford to take more stuff at once - atmospherics would be a problem, mind, because it isn't really practical to just keep shipping oxygen tanks. There would have to be a way to generate a breathable atmosphere, like say keeping a super-dense area filled with plant life. I know that they don't convert CO2 to O2 like that but it will help at least...once we conquer those two steps I daresay it is actually a possibility.

And there you have it, folks. The seventh day, the seventh blog; and honestly I have had a blast doing this. It's been a little out there reaching for concepts and topics, but I think it has worked out well for all concerned, don't you?

Thank you, for joining me on this little journey; and who knows. Maybe it will happen again soon.

Keep your eyes peeled!

If anyone you know may enjoy, appreciate or be interested in anything I have blogged about - either in the past week or ever - please do pass a link along. It might just be a little thing, but it's my little thing.

And once again: thank you, dear reader. You're the REAL MVP.

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