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Sunday 9 October 2016

Questions Asked, Answers Gargled

So because the main blog I had an idea for was super-dark and super-heavy I kind of decided to put it off until I can really approach it properly...which left a void of a blog idea.

But not to fear, because my wonderful friends and followers have provided me with a series of topics on which I will hold court!

Without further ado, and with names stricken to protect the innocent...

Theresa May - the devil incarnate? - I think the devil would be more subtle. The greatest trick he ever pulled was making the rest of us believe he didn't exist. May is just doggedly and determinedly fulfilling her personal goals of making most people poorer and few people richer, and leaving this country a shattered, smoking husk before someone else can stop her.

Tunnels to the island - Rather emotive topic here. Lot of people have opinions on this. Me? I can't see it happening, so my opinion on it doesn't really matter. It's a big engineering profit that will almost certainly benefit us at least a little, that will requite a huge initial investment, so guess what. It's not going to happen. Too many people who can make that kind of thing happen are focussed on the short-term cash-grabs before everything goes tits up, without thinking that maybe, putting down some long-term projects might stop those tits from going up at all.

Why is it that possums like to jump in my face whenever I leave the house? - Okay so three answers for this one. Cheesy and flirtatious: Because you're attractive. Heavily sarcastic: You look like a possum house. Played straight: I didn't even know that happened, are you okay? Did they hurt you?

Tory fraud/gerrymandering? - Bastards. Absolute bastards. So they're trying to divide up my constituency into two because they know that the Island is a very conservative place, they're just hoping to up their game here - or at the very least retain one MP as the East Wight is probably gonna swing for someone more liberal anyhow... but here's the thing right... how is it considered at all fair to try and eliminate the leader of the opposition by the dissolution of his seat? I mean that's some brownshirt shit.

Quack science. Is it all bad? - It undermines actual science. The problem is those adherents of it are very willing to ignore actual evidence to support their own perspective. So yes. It is bad. If it gets past peer review and is proven to actually work, then it stops being quack science and know... science.

Ooohhh who would win in a knife fight between Thatcher and May? - Everyone would win. Literally everyone.

Or Gandhi and MLK? - Doctor Martin Luther King Jr was a fine example of a man, Mahatma Gandhi was like eighty pounds soaking wet. I know Gandhi has a reputation for nuclear proclivity but that won't help him with a shiv.

Do you know the muffin man??????? - I fucked up the rhyme for this one so apparently, no, I do not know the muffin man (the muffin man) the muffin man.

The relevance of Roman culture to today's society - Huge. Literally. Without the former there couldn't be the latter. They weren't the first civilization of their ilk but they did a lot of things that became the model that others would build on. It's not like anything they did was super-unique, it's more that they did a lot of good things (and bad things) very well, to the point that it could actually be codified. Bread and circuses, anyone? Salt the earth? It's like a playbook.

Will you join me and save Fal Bay? - I would urge anyone to do the same. Click this here. Do some reading. People will do everything in their power to save a FIELD, but the moment it gets complex or something they can't just walk across, they go blind. Marine conservation, people. Get behind it.

The best way to remove nuns blood from my Andy panty costume without harming the environment? - Blood from clothes is difficult. However, this guide may help. If it was chrome or similar you could use Coca-Cola.

The fickle nature of love. - This is a blog in and of itself. In short-form though; feelings are like that. Feelings do that. How we feel changes constantly. All we can do is try and keep our brains in charge of our hearts, so that when the innevitable tug off to left field comes, we can properly judge if we should follow it or not.

I was thinking about writing a short story about this - are there any female Space Marines? No, really... What about Gender Dysphoria? You could expand it into gender issues in science fiction. - ...I like this topic. Okay so it is canon that in the Games Workshop sense of Space Marines, there aren't any females, because only males can accept the gene seed and the changes required. Also Games Workshop don't tend to go into any kind of deep thought in regard to gender either, so I doubt that ever comes into it. However, my NaNo project involves - essentially - space marines. It'll just so happen that the majority of the characters are female or otherwise nonbinary. No gender-specific terms of rank. There's a lot of modern sci-fi that is shedding the sexism that is prolific just about everywhere, right now. It's a great time to be alive.

And that's your lot, pop pickers. Tune in next week when I get REAL SAD.