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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Not Enough Pokeballs

Anyone else play Pokemon Go?

So much like EVERY Pokemon game, when you first go out into the big wide world, you want to catch everything you see. They're all new and fresh to you - all potential allies in the fight to be the very best.

After a while though - well, lessons are learned. Pokemon that were previously well thought of are now discarded, ran from, not caught at all. Because you've already CAUGHT ninety Rattata. You don't need one more - it won't do you any good. You realise that now. Even if you evolve it into a Ratticate, which was once an exciting prospect, it's not something you need or value any more.

And at first you feel antsy. Like - what if I never find another Rattata? What if that slot on my team never gets filled? ...and then you realise that that is fine. It's not something you need or want. Then you realise that you don't have to deal with them at all. Just pass them by. You don't owe them anything.

Then you find the Pokemon you are fond of, the ones that you like, and the ones that are good for you - and you stick by them. Because you've learned what is good and bad, by this point. You've learned.

And that's how life should work, right? You learn the good and the bad, and you leave the bad behind. You don't have enough Pokeballs or bag space to pick up the stuff you don't need.

Now I was wondering about two different topics for this blog. My work colleague Joe suggested:

Why not both?

...look back on my advice on Pokemon and apply it to toxic people.

I mean think about it. We are packed in with people that are bad for our health from a very early age - you don't pick who you go to school with. But you learn. You learn how to spot bullies, and you avoid them. You learn the kind of people that lie and you think twice before you trust them.

You stop throwing Pokeballs at them, because they're not worth catching.

At least, you should. But I know too many people still tangled up in toxic situations and relationships, who are wasting their Pokeballs on Rattatas.

Life is too short, people.

Save them balls for the Mewtwos.

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